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Advanced NDT and Consulting is dedicated to the development of the nondestructive testing industry. Our team of instructors have over a 100 years of combined service to the industry. They continue their development and look forward to yours.


Who we are and what we do

Provide the latest training modules

Commitment to excellence 

We keep the class small to ensure a personal experience

Provide real world parts for hands on training

Live Teams meetings to explain complex areas in online learning

Advanced NDT and Consulting is pleased to offer the training programs listed below. Each class is designed and presented by industry experts. Our instructors are very knowledgeable and understand that every persons experience will vary but that every person is capable of learning.

Advanced NDT and Consulting offers a variety of classes that ensures you have a pathway to your goals. Advanced NDT and Consulting is committed to the future of the NDT industry and the impacts new learning methods are having. To be the best, you have to learn from the best. It's that simple.

Our Team

Our team holds ASNT Level III certifications in all methods

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